Two Together

Labor (Laboratory)
Labor is a platform for performance artists, actors, musicians and interested people to practice performance art.
Since 2003 we meet monthly at Kaskadenkondensator Basel ( in Switzerland to try out new performances, which we discuss and for which we find small forms of documentation.
The project responsables for Labor are Irene Maag, Isabel Rohner and Hansjörg Köfler.
Other Swiss Labor participants in Poland are: Peter Waldvogel and Saskia Edens

**Torun Galerie DLA, exhibition „Break into a Swiss Bank“

Performance platform Labor arranges a performance-meeting:**

Labor P (Laboratory P) with the theme Two-gether (two together)
Switzerland meets Poland – Poland meets Switzerland
In small groups of two people (Swiss - Polish) we will be creating short art-performances, to show and discuss them.
We would like to invite all interested artists and people to participate!
Please bring along the materials you would like to perform with.

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